Senior Stories

Caroline Lamb – Class of 2019

Caroline LambI have been blessed to attend New Covenant School since kindergarten and over the years it has become my second home. The teachers and staff have taught me how to lead and serve everyone around me in a God-pleasing manner. I have been equipped with an education that challenges me to understand and express what I believe in.

Due to my long tenure at New Covenant, I have cultivated great friendships with not only the students, but also the teachers and staff. The community of believers I am surrounded by at New Covenant School is rare and wonderful. A few highlights from my years at this school include constructing a castle out of peppermints in Mrs. Wyse’s second grade class, creating an animal tri-fold board in third grade with my mom as my teacher, playing Mrs. Fairfax in the high school production of “The Importance of Being Earnest”, and winning New Covenant’s first women’s basketball state championship with the finest group of girls and coach I’ve ever known.

After graduation, I plan to attend Southern Wesleyan University, Clemson University, or Anderson University and study something involving outdoor leadership and youth ministry. New Covenant School has equipped me to take the necessary steps to get into a college where I can further learn how to serve the Lord in what I do.

Anna Doroshchak – Class of 2019

AnnaD(1)I joined New Covenant School in the tenth grade. On coming here one of the things that first stood out to me was the friendly and family like atmosphere. All my worries about making friends quickly disappeared. From my three years  at this school a big highlight for me was going to chapel every Friday. Singing hymns together with my fellow students left me with a sense of unity and peace. Going to NCS has benefited me academically as well. Before New Covenant I despised all my mathematical classes but upon my arrival to the school my like and interest in this subject has greatly grown and I even found myself anticipating this class every day. When I graduate I plan to go into the medical field and become a travel nurse. NCS has taught me to work hard for the things I wish to achieve and I feel this will greatly contribute to the success of my future college education and career.

Deacon Shaw – Class of 2019

deacon (1)I have been attending New Covenant School since the tenth grade. I originally came here in search of a place with more Christ-like values than my previous school. Initially, I only expected to have the same old classes, but with more well-mannered classmates. Well, New Covenant exceeded my expectations. I realized that something was definitely different when I went into history class and I wasn’t mindlessly copying notes. I was actually prompted to think and reason things for myself. Academically, New Covenant has taught me how to think for myself. Now, I can make an argument and defend it. Each teacher in New Covenant has not only helped me excel in my education further than I thought I could. I even managed to catch up to the rest of my class in my second year of Spanish after coming to the school barely knowing any of the language. With classes like Omnibus helping me grow academically, they also helped me grow spiritually. When I came here, I wasn’t really sure of who God was, but now I have a better understanding of who He is, and that He is a just, powerful, and loving God who has worked out every detail of our lives to come. I’ve also grown closer with the students here. I had never seen a school that had high and middle school lunch together, but it’s not a bad thing. I’m not just familiar with the people in my class, but with the school as a whole.

My plans after I graduate are to major in Graphic Communications at Clemson, and eventually have my own family. My art class will have helped me tremendously if I do major in this course. Part of Graphic Communications will be doing activities such as screen printing on shirts and making things from other materials we used in art class. This school has also taught me how to be a man of God, so I believe I am capable of leading my future family in the path of Christ.

New Covenant School has been a fulfilling experience, and I am glad to be an upcoming graduate. I feel like I better understand the world around me and how to handle it. I am graduating from New Covenant without any regrets of coming here. I believe that the school has done their part, and I am departing complete in Christ.

JohnMichael O’Neal – Class of 2018

IMG_1788I have been attending New Covenant for four years, and it has been an experience I will never forget. Since I was Catholic and Hispanic I was worried that I would not be accepted by my fellow classmates. Although I was different that did not stop my fellow classmates from going out of their way to make me feel welcomed. This school is amazing; one of the best things this school has to offer is public worship. I am so blessed that I was allowed to come to a school where God is first above all else.

Being at this school has taught me discipline, fellowship, and a love for knowledge. Because this school is smaller, classes are normally composed of a few students. This allows the teachers time to get to know their student’s abilities, personalities, and academic potential. Then the students are pushed to their potential to give the best possible outcome for college. Also, being a smaller school meant that there was no real sports program because there would not be enough active participants but in 2015 New Covenant started a basketball team which a lot of the upper school students participated in. This led to two back-to-back men’s state championships as well as spawning a cross country team. Academically the school is unmatched, and in community New Covenant welcomes people with open arms.

After high school I plan on attending either Lander University or Anderson University to pursue a nursing career. From there I will get my bachelor’s in nursing and become a flight nurse. This will all be possible through the superior academics and the loving and helpful community that New Covenant has to offer.

Grayson Hardy – Class of 2018

IMG_0462I have been a student at New Covenant School since K-4. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to grow up in a school that puts God first in everything they do. Perhaps the most important aspect of my education from New Covenant was learning how to think for myself and not just take someone’s word for something. This is a very important skill to have as I move on to college next year where not everyone will have the same beliefs as me.

The past three years I have been able to play on the school basketball team. Being on this team has taught me things that could never be learned in a classroom. It has taught me several skills such as the ability to follow and trust somebody else’s leading but it has also taught me how to be a good leader. Also, being able to say that I won back to back state championships in high school is a pretty cool accomplishment.

After I graduate, I plan on attending Clemson University and studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences. The education that I have received at New Covenant will not only help me excel in the classroom but also in almost any other activity that I might choose to do. I am confident that as I prepare to move on from high school, I have received the best possible education as well as a strong rooting in my faith.    

Whitner Cann – Class of 2018

image1I attended New Covenant School from Kindergarten through 5th grade, then returned my Junior year after 5 years at another private school. When I returned to New Covenant my junior year I made the varsity basketball team and I have enjoyed being part of a State Championship team. I have learned a lot from Coach Miller and it was incredible to have an undefeated season. It was an honor to play with a great team and to go on and win the 1A State Championship. We are having a great season I am looking forward to winning the State Championship again this year.

I have great memories of my years at New Covenant including: hiding in the slide on the first day of K5 from Mrs. Andreasen, performing “Albuquerque, He’s My Turkey” in 2nd grade with Mrs. Wyse’s class, laughing and joking around in Mr. Wilkes class, working on the yearbook staff, and many great year end “field days.” The greatest part of New Covenant is the little things that build lasting memories. Every time I go to sign out, Mrs. Lopez always smiles and tells me to have a good day. Although small instances, they make the New Covenant experience “lit.”

I am looking forward to graduating in May. My plans are to attend Tri-County Technical College in the fall for college transfer classes and then pursue a business degree at Clemson University. I’m thankful for the teachers I have had during my time at New Covenant to prepare me for my future. Go Cavs!

James Curnow – Class of 2018

2017-10-29 James Curnow Senior Portraits (116 of 28)psI first attended New Covenant School in kindergarten and part of first grade and after being homeschooled I returned for my eighth grade year. The past five years at New Covenant have been an amazing opportunity to grow in both my education and my faith. I feel that my classes have instilled the necessary skills for college life both in academics and in the ability to think for myself and be firm in my doctrine and faith. One particular class that I enjoyed taking was Omnibus. This class was a combination of  class discussion and lecture, and it allowed me to debate and defend what I believe. While I did not necessarily enjoy the work load, the Omnibus class gave me life skills that will help me when I am no longer in the Christian environment which I am in right now.

While attending New Covenant I’ve been given the ability to enjoy many extracurricular activities. I was in the dramatic productions Arsenic and Old Lace, Death by Design, Wait until Dark, and Harvey. I was also involved in  sports including a year of Cross Country and  three years of varsity basketball.

I hope to attend Clemson University in the fall. I pray that I will be able to use the knowledge and Biblical teachings which I received while attending New Covenant to further the kingdom of Christ in both my words and actions.​

Will Phillips – Class of 2017

JRN-1570654-870548795I have been a student at New Covenant School since the sixth grade.  Prior to coming to NCS, I attended Concord Elementary School from kindergarten through fifth grade.  My sister graduated from NCS in 2010, the same year I was a fifth grader.  My parents had talked to me about coming to NCS, but I was pretty sure that I wanted to stay with my friends and go to McCants Middle School.  But, one night we were at a function at NCS with my sister.  There was a slide show playing and it looked like they had so much fun at school that I decided that night that NCS was where I wanted to go in sixth grade.  So, I have been here ever since and feel I have received a much better education than I would have received at any other school.  

I have enjoyed my time here at NCS and have made some very good friends.  I have participated in Cavalier football, both as a player and a coach.  The last several years I have helped backstage with our drama productions.  This year I am a member of the cast of our school play.  I also participated in the school talent show for the first time this year.  New Covenant Church youth group has also been a very important part of my time here. I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in April of 2015.  My Eagle Scout project was constructing bookshelves and a book drive for the NCS Library.

I am very grateful to all of the teachers and faculty here at NCS and to my family for allowing me to get my education here. I am plan to attend Anderson University  and I am considering majoring in Criminal Justice.

Maddie Smith – Class of 2017

IMG_1899I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend New Covenant School since Kindergarten. Although I do not remember when I did not know Jesus, New Covenant has allowed me to be nourished in my faith. The teachers have enriched my education by being Christ-like examples. They have shown me grace when I haven’t deserved it, allowing me to learn to show grace to others as well. My fellow classmates have also enriched my life. At New Covenant School we hold one another accountable. When one of us stumbles, there is always a friend there to pray with us, encourage us and tell us when we are not glorifying God.

The culture at New Covenant School is like a family, from reading with the younger students, to supporting one another through the school sponsored activities like basketball we all truly love one another. I am confident that I am prepared for the new challenges ahead of me because of my education at New Covenant School. I plan to attend the Dental Hygiene Program at Greenville Technical College in the fall and I feel comfortable being able to express my faith to those who may not have a relationship with Christ. I know what I believe and why I believe because of the classical and Christian education I have received at New Covenant School. My advice to other students at New Covenant is to soak up as much as you can, the classes, the activities and the fellowship with other students. I promise you will not regret it! Psalm 119:31-32 says, “I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding. I hold fast to your statutes, LORD; do not let me be put to shame. I hold fast to your statutes, Lord ; do not let me be put to shame.”

Drew Milford – Class of 2017

unnamedAt the end of my Sophomore year my parents and I knew that the Lord was leading us in a different direction regarding schools. My brother and I had attended a different Christian school for the past six years so the thought of “starting over” was unsettling. My parents were praying for God to direct them in making the right decision. My mom received a call from Mrs. Julie Miller who encouraged them to consider New Covenant. Reese and I had attended the same school together previously and we were good friends. I was grateful to know that I would be able to attend school again with my friend. I was also glad to know that I would once again get the opportunity to be back on the basketball court playing for Coach Patrick Miller. By far the greatest experience for me during my time at New Covenant was playing basketball and winning the State Championship, definitely a dream come true.

I am still praying about what the Lord has for me in the future. I plan to work through the summer and potentially attend Tri-County Technical College in the fall. I would like to say thank you to my teachers for helping me prepare for the future and best of luck to my fellow classmates. I can’t wait to see how we make our mark on the world.

Adam Mortenson – Class of 2017

adam-mortenson-ncs-12th-grade-final-0029-2I have attended New Covenant School ever since kindergarten. I am so thankful that my parents sent me to a school where I can learn through a Christian worldview and be taught by some terrific teachers. I’ve seen my fair share of teachers, and I love how at New Covenant I got to have one on one attention in the classroom, while at the same time developing a relationship with them that extended beyond it. New Covenant has provided me an education that, typically, many people do not get a chance to have.

Above all else, the community at New Covenant is great. I love being able to know everybody’s name and forming strong relationships with other students regardless of age. The education at New Covenant is challenging, teaching about art, literature, music, and historical events through a Christian worldview. I learned that learning what something is or what happened cannot be understood without understanding why it happened or was made. NCS has prepared me to think for myself and hold strong in my faith even when my beliefs are questioned.

I think it says a lot about the school when I say that I’m sad it is my last year. Normally seniors are filled with excitement about leaving for college. But, I can say I will miss the community, the Christ-centered education, and the school I have come to love. As far as plans for next year, I am largely undecided about college, having no clue what to major in, but I will likely be attending Clemson or USC next fall. The one thing I do know is that God will guide me toward the correct path though I may not see that path now.

Anna Milford – Class of 2017

img_8206-1I have attended New Covenant School from kindergarten through senior year. Throughout these 13 years I have made many memories and learned abundantly, but I can summarize my time at New Covenant in two words: foundation and family.

I have received a strong foundation from NCS, a foundation that I can build on for the rest of my life. The teachers at NCS have poured their hearts into me and invested in me so that I can continue to grow. My greatest period of growth occurred during my first three years of high school, when I was taught history and literature through the Omnibus curriculum. Learning through the Omnibus curriculum is a great blessing. Mr. Aubry and Mr. Canney used this curriculum to push my fellow students and I to think for ourselves and come to conclusions about the world through a Christian worldview. This foundation will stay with me forever and I am thankful for all the teachers who have played a part in presenting me complete in Christ.

New Covenant is special because of its community. The students at NCS love and care about one another; we want everyone to feel like they can be the person that God created them to be.  All of us have been given different spiritual gifts and we use those gifts to serve one another.  New Covenant School is a family. Next year it will be so strange to not have any classes with my fellow seniors. I have known some of the people in my class for my entire life, others I have only know for a couple years. Despite the changes each school year brought we continued to build stronger friendships. I know that my friendships at New Covenant will last a lifetime because Christ is at the center of our relationships. I encourage all the students at New Covenant to cherish the moments they have with their friends and recognize the blessing of this wonderful learning environment.

Next year, I plan to attend Anderson University, Clemson University, Covenant College, or Southern Wesleyan University to study biology. I hope to build off this degree and become a physical therapist. New Covenant has taught me to serve others and love as Christ loves and I cannot wait to use what I have learned to fulfill that purpose. I am forever grateful for my parents and their desire to send me to a Christian school as it is the greatest gift I have ever received. New Covenant will always be a part of my life and I am incredibly blessed to be a student.

Rebecca Lamb – Class of 2017

image1New Covenant School has blessed me in so many ways, but I think one of the biggest blessings is community. From kindergarten all the way to my senior year, I’ve grown up learning with the people I love most. There have been many changes while I have attended, but all along New Covenant School has held onto its original purpose. A big part of that is bringing students and their families into a really wonderful community that desires to present each one of its students complete in Christ.

I think I took much of my education for granted for a long time. I didn’t quite understand the richness of what I was being taught. My mom is a teacher, so as a teacher’s kid I spent a lot of time at NCS. My sister and I used to laugh and say New Covenant is our real home, because we spend more time at the school than we do at our own house! But in all honesty, New Covenant IS my home, and the people there are my family. They’ve educated me, disciplined me, shared the love and mercy of Christ with me, and poured their lives into me because they love the Lord and His children. To be in the presence of God’s people every single day, and be educated with curriculum that is woven with God’s Word, is a priceless gift.

Next year I plan to study elementary education at Anderson, Clemson, Auburn, or Winthrop University. Becoming an elementary school teacher has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and I’m hoping to use teaching in the mission field as well. I’ve always loved learning, and I look forward to ministering to elementary students in the same way my teachers took care to minister to me. I can’t imagine any place that would prepare me better for college and after, and I am extremely grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn at NCS.

Chase Harmon – Class of 2017

01cdc6af1eeeb2e62c099568b32d262276d8bda556I have attended New Covenant since my Kindergarten year, except for my 7th grade year where, under financial issues, I was not able to have the blessing of a New Covenant education. I’ve seen four different headmasters, many different teachers come and go, but one constant goal despite all their differences: To present every student complete in Christ.

Whether Mr. Canney’s or Mr. Aubry’s Omnibus class, teaching us not only Literature and History, but how we can learn Biblical lessons from them, or Rev. Simon’s physics class, learning about the world our Lord has made and how we function in it, or Systematic Theology with Mr. Wilkes, learning all the names and attributes of our Lord, or Mrs. Harmon’s class, about the founding and system of Government our country runs on, or any math class with Mrs. Graves or Mrs. Collins or even Dr. Harmon, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’m surrounded by teachers and students who all love Christ and strive to honor him in everything.

From New Covenant, I plan to attend Clemson University with a major in Engineering, though I’m undecided what form presently, and potential minors in Theater and Education. I know that my training in the Lord will not fail me as I advance from here to college, and into the business world.

Before I go, I have one bit of advice for the student reading this, thinking “so what?” Invest your time in this school, in these people. You’ll make so many new friends; have so many stories to tell whoever will listen. So if you’re thinking about joining that club, or playing that sport, or assisting with the drama production, then do it! 2 Corinthians 9:6 says, “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” I can’t wait to see how this school grows, both now and into the future!

Brooke Carver – Class of 2017

12234888_10208439817659532_4569376819879386107_nI attended New Covenant from first to third grade. I transferred to public school, but in eighth grade, the curriculum finally got to me. I had been learning a lot from New Covenant’s youth group and what I was being taught there was different than at school. I thought it unbeneficial to be taught one thing at school yet know it is not valid at the same time. One day at church, Mr. Canney started to talk to me about my plans for high school. I told him that I really wanted to go to New Covenant, but I didn’t know how because of the cost. He seemed surprised that I directly told him this.
This is my fourth year back at New Covenant and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even though I knew most of the people from elementary school, it was still scary to start over. I shouldn’t have worried, for the teachers and the students are so welcoming and loving. They truly care for you and all your endeavors.
New Covenant’s education is so rich. Omnibus with Mr. Aubry and Mr. Canney made me think for myself on a lot of hard questions. Although it was not always easy for my family money wise at times, no one has ever pushed me away, but instead blessed me and helped my family. New Covenant has been so gracious and loving to me. When you come to New Covenant it becomes your home, partly because you’re there all the time and because New Covenant is a family.
I plan to continue my Christian education at either AU or Covenant where I’ll study Business and Spanish. I am eternally grateful for all the teachers that have invested in me and sharing the wonderful gospel to me, my mother for allowing me to have a Christian education, and my friends for loving me and making me apart of the family.

Brian Sizemore – Class of 2016

0198c7153e4484bf1ab51645b8753bd471d51019cbI am a senior in the New Covenant school 2016 graduating class. Ever since I came to NCS in the 7th grade, I have made a second family. Everyone looks out for each other no matter the circumstance. The teachers are always there and happy to help when needed. The Christian environment and education has aided me in my journey of faith. After I graduate, I will be attending Anderson University to major in Commercial Music and minor in Business. Thanks to New Covenant’s chapel leadership and talent shows opportunities, I have been able to gain experience in performing that should help me in my music career. After college I plan to work in the Anderson/ Greenville area and if possible help at chapel for NCS in the future. If I have learned one thing from my time here to pass on to the younger students, it would simply be to take school seriously, do your homework, and make lots of friends.

CJ Parsons – Class of 2016

image1I am in the 2016 graduating class at New Covenant. It has been a real blessing to be part of such a great school ever since I began attending in 8th grade. The teachers and fellow students have helped me with my walk with The Lord and have helped me in a great way with defending my faith and trying to help others. Being a part of the Cavalier football team was one of my greatest memories with being at New Covenant because it has taught me leadership and helped me develop friendships that will last a lifetime. After I graduate NCS I plan to attend Florence Darlington Tech to get my welding degree. Transferring to NCS was one of the best decisions I ever made and I hope to see it grow more and change more lives like it has changed mine.

Adri Cabrales – Class of 2016

013ad289fd929eb25f3f137e7317ced331d3758960Transferring to NCS my 9th grade year was one of the scariest experiences ever. Coming into a class of 8, when I was used to classes of 20-25 students was a bit of a shock for me. I was surprised by the kindness and love that I received on my first day. Everyone was friendly and greeted me with open arms. Until then I had not encountered a group of students, much less high schoolers, so willing to step out of their daily routine to welcome a new face. As my high school years at NCS progressed, I built great relationships with my fellow students. The friendships I have made here have felt so genuine, and I know they will be long lasting. That is probably my favorite thing about this small community. And, it is this small, close-knit, caring, and friendly environment that I have found at NCS, that has me looking forward to attending Lander University in the Fall. At Lander, I hope to attend the Honors College and become involved in ROTC. My ultimate goal is to graduate college with a minor in counseling and become a psychiatric mental health nurse. Given the experiences I went through in middle school and high school I believe that this is the field God has called me to be in. Through a lot of prayer and conversation I have come to realize mental health and the military are two areas that interest me. I’m looking forward to see how God is going to merge them into my career and/or life in the future.

Jillian Burchette – Class of 2016


Hi! My name is Jillian Burchette and I am a senior in the 2016 graduating class at New Covenant School. I have thoroughly loved my time at NCS. The teachers have molded my Christian worldview into a very precious blessing. I am beyond grateful for the time invested into it. After I graduate, I hope to attend one of my three candidate schools—Clemson University, College of Charleston, or Covenant College. I wish to study Business and Marketing with Entrepreneurship. I have been blessed to sign a contract with a modeling agency in NC. I plan to take a trip to New York to find work there over next spring break and summer. I am very thankful to have had my theological and educational foundations formed at New Covenant School. Nothing can compare to being a NCS student. My advice to the lower classmen would be to really DO the reading homework. The class discussions will only reach the incredible potential they hold if you read the books. =)

Rebecca Roth – Class of 2016

013ff620c59525e5c1fd9c9346783bb4606e7f7d89I believe my thirteen years at New Covenant School have set the stage for future success. Academically, New Covenant School has shown me how to think critically and logically. Although this has been an emphasis throughout my education, the high school Omnibus literature and history classes cultivated these thinking skills through analyzing original works and discussing them in class. Spiritually, I have learned who I am in relation to God. A family friend once told me, “The most important thing to know about a person is his or her view of God.” I know God to be sovereign, omnipresent, and loving. In relation to God, we’re broken people. The good news is that God executed a plan to redeem His people through His Son. Having these skills and knowing who God is are the foundation for life.

After graduation from New Covenant School, I will attend Anderson University. I am looking forward to continuing my education in a Christian environment. I plan to major in psychology and possibly minor in Spanish and nutrition. One day, I hope to become a therapist.

Ben Hardy – Class of 2016

benHi, my name is Ben Hardy. I am a senior here at NCS and I hope to be accepted into Clemson University next fall. I’ve been at this school my whole life and during my time here I’ve seen firsthand the best qualities about this place. Elementary school introduced me to lifelong friends and taught me the world from a Christian perspective. Middle school taught me how to interact with my friends and put other people first. High school at New Covenant gave me the knowledge to discuss my faith with confidence and the ability to defend why I believe what I do. Teachers always led by example and helped us learn to be compatible with each other. Mr. Canney’s literature and history classes gave me insight that I’ll take with me forever. New Covenant School has prepared me for real life, and I know transitioning to college will be easier thanks to the teaching I’ve received here.

Rebekah Graves – Class of 2016

unnamed (1)NCS has been a crucial part of my academic and spiritual growth. I have attended this school since kindergarten, and the core part of what makes our school great has remained untouched. We like to say “Things are different here!” and they really are. Every element of our school is centered on what really matters – Christ. We pray before classes, we treat one another with love, and we give credit to the Creator. This has been most prominent in my science classes. We still learn the evolution theories, but from a biblical standpoint. We marvel in the great power of God, and the beautiful complexity of His creation.

New Covenant’s focus on God in science has fueled my desire to continue my education with a science-based degree. After graduation, I am looking forward to attending AU, Clemson, or Wingate University. My plan is to get my BSN in nursing. I pray this will provide an overwhelming opportunity to not only serve those in need, but also show Christ in my behavior and actions, and New Covenant has prepared me for this next step. NCS students should never underestimate the value of a godly environment, where we can freely praise and worship the Lord.

Presenting Every Student Complete in Christ