Academic Overview

New Covenant School views education as, ‘presenting every student complete in Christ’ in order for each student to seek to love God, serve God, and enjoy Him forever. Each part of our school is seen as a building block to achieve this final purpose. Thus, we seek to teach God’s children as He designed them to learn as they advance through their developmental stages. Each stage is distinct and builds upon the previous stage.

In preschool (the pre-Grammar Stage of learning) students are provided with opportunities to explore God’s creation through using all five senses. Students at this age are easily ‘wowed’ and love to soak up information. The overall goal is to show students the wonder of God’s creation while laying a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math.

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In grades K5-5th (the Grammar Stage of learning) students are provided with the necessary tools and facts of learning in a variety of subjects such as history, science, Latin, math, grammar, and reading. The overall goal is to equip students with the building blocks of education while their minds are most receptive to memorization and observation.

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The Upper School has two distinct stages; grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

In grades 6-8 (the Dialectic Stage of learning), the students take the mastered information from the Grammar Stage and bring it into ordered relationships. Students begin to apply logic, assessing the validity of arguments and learning to view information critically with more discerning minds.

In grades 9-12 (the Rhetoric Stage of learning), students learn to articulate eloquently and persuasively, and to use the tools of knowledge and understanding acquired in the earlier stages. This is the point at which the strength of a classical education is made fully visible.

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Presenting Every Student Complete in Christ