Senior Story – Houston Funk

houstonI have attended New Covenant School since the eighth grade.  It has seemed like a short five years here because of all of the good times that I have had and all of the great friends that I have made.  It almost seems like a dream that I am writing my senior spotlight and that I am almost done with school here at New Covenant.

Even though I have grown up in a Christian home, New Covenant School has benefited me greatly.  The teachers not only teach us the class that we are taking, but they also incorporate Jesus Christ in the classes and how He is the way to Heaven.  We also have chapel every Friday to let us all gather together as fellow Christians and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. I found that I not only like being around other Christians here but I also like the way that we as students are taught here because I think that it fits me better and has helped me get better grades in school.  It is not that any of the classes are easier, it is just because of the wonderful and friendly atmosphere. The atmosphere at New Covenant has not only helped me to open up more to people here at school but it has also helped me to open up better to people outside of school. It has also given me more confidence to feel better about talking to more people in general in the future.   

I not only like the academic part of New Covenant School but I also really like the athletic program here.  I have enjoyed running the Midnight Flight race for cross country. I also enjoyed playing in the beginning of the season basketball tournament which I am looking forward to doing again one last time.

I plan on attending Tri-County Technical College to get my associates degree and then transferring to Clemson University to get my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.  New Covenant School has been a huge part in preparing me for life. It not only has helped me through academics but it has also prepared me to know how to defend my faith by teaching me about the Bible.  I plan on taking all of this knowledge and using it through the rest of my life.

Senior Story – Marilyn Ridings

marilynMy name is Marilyn Ridings. I have been at New Covenant School for the past three years now. This school has helped me in so many ways, from tenth grade year, till now, my senior year of high school. It has benefited me spiritually, academically, and socially, and in many more ways. I honestly do not know what I would do without these major benefits that I have gained from. New Covenant . I know that when I go to college I will be fully prepared and not worried at all because of how New Cov has helped me.

In the fall of 2019, I will be attending Tri County Technical College for two years and then transfer into Clemson University for the following two years, for a total of four years. I have some idea, but not a definite clue of what I would like to major in yet, but I know God and the inspiration of New Covenant will help me figure it out. I have learned a lot here at NCS, so I have no doubt that I will figure out my major soon.

I am really going to miss New Covenant School. Especially all the people in it and all the memories I have made there. I hope that the teachers continue teaching there until I graduate college so I can come back and visit them and reminisce on the memories I made there.