Retreat Recap!

Our Upper School students had a great three day retreat at the Clemson Outdoor Lab for our second annual “House Camp.”   It was a wonderful opportunity to have fun and fellowship with classmates away from the classroom setting and school responsibilities.  Students enjoyed a number of team building activities, a ropes course, waterfront fun in canoes and a pontoon boat, and various games on site.  

This year our first day of camp was National “Talk like a Pirate” Day so students dressed up like pirates and had a competitive game of “Capture the Pirate Flag” just as the sun went down.  Ahoy Matey!  On Thursday our very own Brett Whitfield hosted us as we all joined hands and gathered around, gave our honey a swing, and do-si-doed!  The boys were a little more hesitant to jump in, but in the end everyone had a jolly good time!  

At House Camp, we also had some great times of worship and teaching.  Zoe Wickiser and the Upper School worship team led our time of worship and we were blessed to have NCC’s new worship leader, Pastor Jonathan Wisdom, come to lead us one night as well.  Mr. Canney continued with our study of the Proverbs and there were many opportunities for small group discussions.  

This retreat is a great opportunity to kick off our House competitions for the year and for students to start earning some points for their House.  Coach Hege led us in some pretty awesome relay races and Mrs. Wright, our art guru, facilitated each House creating a House mascot.  The creativity was endless!  Senior Leila Sconyers wrote a song for the Houses that just might stand the test of time. 

The House System has been a great addition to our Upper School and has allowed for some fun and healthy competition among the students.  The Canney family joined a House this year and with “Canney in the House” it has added a whole new level to this dimension of our school.

Our staff graciously serve as our House Camp chaperones. This is a huge blessing and allows some fun and fellowship with teachers and students outside the classroom. We are all so grateful for the family we have here at New Covenant School and House Camp was a great get-away for us all.