Possum Kingdom Field Trip!

On Thursday, May 10, the 7th grade Life Science Class along with Mrs. Hallmark’s 3rd grade class went to Possum Kingdom Kreamery for a farm tour. 

On the way into the farm the classes drove along the pasture and saw their horses which are a rare breed of draft horse called the American Drum Horse. The farmer told the students that they have the very first Drum Horse born on American soil.

Everyone started the tour in front of the retail store with an information session, then moved on to the lot containing the baby goats. The baby goats were very excited to see our students! They were able to pet the goats and even let them suck on their fingers. One was only 4 days old, and our students got to pet it while a farmer held it in her arms.

Next the students looked in the milking parlor and milk room through the windows.  They met the livestock guardian dogs (Ziva, Ayla & Bundy), Teddy the guard llama, Sarah Beth and Esmerelda the miniature pigs, Bear the Shetland Pony, Hootie the mini-donkey…and Toby, Spencer & Jimi the spider monkeys. The monkeys are on the farm because they were rescued from bad situations, but the farmer assured everyone they do not make good pets. Everyone got a picture petting the llama one person at a time, on his terms. The llama and dogs protect the goats from coyotes.

The classes ended up in the farm store where everyone had a chance to sample the goat milk and the cheese. Almost everyone tried it, and everyone who tried it liked it.

The 3rd grade went out for lunch, and the 7th grade finished up with the long-awaited trip to Cracker Barrel. It was a good day! Please enjoy the pictures from the trip!