Senior Story, JohnMichael O’Neal Class of 2018

IMG_1788I have been attending New Covenant for four years, and it has been an experience I will never forget. Since I was Catholic and Hispanic I was worried that I would not be accepted by my fellow classmates. Although I was different that did not stop my fellow classmates from going out of their way to make me feel welcomed. This school is amazing; one of the best things this school has to offer is public worship. I am so blessed that I was allowed to come to a school where God is first above all else.

Being at this school has taught me discipline, fellowship, and a love for knowledge. Because this school is smaller, classes are normally composed of a few students. This allows the teachers time to get to know their student’s abilities, personalities, and academic potential. Then the students are pushed to their potential to give the best possible outcome for college. Also, being a smaller school meant that there was no real sports program because there would not be enough active participants but in 2015 New Covenant started a basketball team which a lot of the upper school students participated in. This led to two back-to-back men’s state championships as well as spawning a cross country team. Academically the school is unmatched, and in community New Covenant welcomes people with open arms.

After high school I plan on attending either Lander University or Anderson University to pursue a nursing career. From there I will get my bachelor’s in nursing and become a flight nurse. This will all be possible through the superior academics and the loving and helpful community that New Covenant has to offer.