First Quarter Honor Roll

013215ed3c66259aec689aeedab875a7451b96ca18A big congratulations to our students who earned a place on the Honor Roll for the first quarter! Our goal is to praise the Lord for His grace towards us when we accomplish anything. Therefore our Honor Roll gives our school and our students reason to praise God. Of course our temptation is to praise ourselves, so our prayer is that our families and students would remember Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.”

Headmaster’s List (All A’s)

2nd Grade: Katie Bradshaw, Dee Jachens, Kate Jachens, Caroline Mattox, Eden Rexrode, Jada Rose Shetrompf, Jaxon Turner, Alyssa Walker

3rd Grade: Emerson Canney, McKenna Cleghorn, Josiah Eaves, Will Hawkins, Chase McMahan, Meredith Milford, Kye Owens, Elijah Poore, Savannah Smith, Colton Walker, Emie Wright

4th Grade: Owen Hopkins, Stephanie Landis, Lucy Mattox, Kate Moore

5th Grade: Addison Canney, Elijah Covert, Asher Eaves, Bethany Rexrode, Townes Sconyers, Virginia Wickiser

6th Grade: Lauren Landis, Layal Wickiser

7th Grade: Emma Jordan, Eliza Mattox, Felicity Shaw, Carley Shore, Emma Wolthuis

8th Grade: Olivia Burdette, Clark DiMaio, Aidan Graves, Lily Wickiser

9th Grade: Will Hardy, Rachel Lopez

10th Grade: Kaitlin Curnow, Macy McGahey, Elliott Wright

11th Grade: Ian McCall, Leila Sconyers, Deacon Shaw

12th Grade: James Curnow

A/B Honor Roll

2nd Grade: Nora Hallmark, Ayden Howard, Linlee Keese, Bryce Ritter

3rd Grade: Caleb Byce, Sofia Orellana, Elizabeth Sealey

4th Grade: Delilah Doster, Anna Grace Jachens, Cadence Nelson, Charis Nelson

6th Grade: Ben Bradshaw, Paul DiMaio, Christina Doroshchak, Rylee Hawkins, Liam Hopkins, Bella Jordan, Adeline Nelson

7th Grade: Caleb Gurley, Ian Harmon

8th Grade: Erin Dance, Evan Hamilton, Ella Milford

9th Grade: Elsie Doroshchak, Matthew Harmon, Olivia Milford, Joseph Mortenson, Wren Sconyers, Ethan Wright

10th Grade: Chloe Curnow, Maria Doroshchak

11th Grade: Anna Doroshchak, Allison Dutterer, Houston Funk, Daniel Graves, Anna Nelson, Zoe Wickiser

12th Grade: Whitner Cann, Grayson Hardy, John Michael O’Neal