Senior Story – Will Phillips

JRN-1570654-870548795.jpegI have been a student at New Covenant School since the sixth grade.  Prior to coming to NCS, I attended Concord Elementary School from kindergarten through fifth grade.  My sister graduated from NCS in 2010, the same year I was a fifth grader.  My parents had talked to me about coming to NCS, but I was pretty sure that I wanted to stay with my friends and go to McCants Middle School.  But, one night we were at a function at NCS with my sister.  There was a slide show playing and it looked like they had so much fun at school that I decided that night that NCS was where I wanted to go in sixth grade.  So, I have been here ever since and feel I have received a much better education than I would have received at any other school.  

I have enjoyed my time here at NCS and have made some very good friends.  I have participated in Cavalier football, both as a player and a coach.  The last several years I have helped backstage with our drama productions.  This year I am a member of the cast of our school play.  I also participated in the school talent show for the first time this year.  New Covenant Church youth group has also been a very important part of my time here. I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in April of 2015.  My Eagle Scout project was constructing bookshelves and a book drive for the NCS Library.

I am very grateful to all of the teachers and faculty here at NCS and to my family for allowing me to get my education here. I am plan to attend Anderson University  and I am considering majoring in Criminal Justice.