Friday Announcements – 10/2/15

Happy Friday!

Please look for the following in your child’s Friday Folder or attached Mrs. Lopez’s Friday email.
  • Box Tops: We are collecting Box Tops through the month of October. You may send to the office or to your child’s homeroom teacher.
  • School Picture Schedule – Erin Drago will be taking our photos this year on location at Wren Park! Your child’s teacher will be contacting you about helping with transportation.

Oct 5 and 6 – Pre-School (at NCS)

Wed, Oct 21 (at Wren Park)

8:30 Kindergarten
9:00 – 1st Grade
9:30 – 2nd Grade
10:00 – 3rd Grade

Thurs, Oct 22 (at Wren Park)
8:30 – 4th and 5th Grade
9:00 – 6th Grade
9:30 – 7th Grade
10:00 – 8th Grade
Fri, Oct 23 (at Wren Park)
8:30 – 9th and 10th Grade
10:00 – 11th and 12th Grade
Enjoy your weekend!010f72d72def15945c6da22beb57c40399619871f3