Friday Announcements – 2/27/15

Happy Friday!

1.) All students are invited to participate in the following special dress days next week in celebration of Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week!
  • Tuesday: Fox in Socks Day (Crazy Socks Day)
  • Wednesday: Wacky Hair Wednesday
  • Thursday: Cat in the Hat Day (Wear your favorite crazy hat or dress like the cat)
2.) There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, March 6th.
3.) Save the Date: Friday, Mar 20th is NCS Night at the Greenville Road Warriors Hockey Game! Follow this link to find out more –
4.) We are now taking orders for 2013/14 ($15) and 2014/15 ($35) yearbooks!
Have a great weekend!

About Classical Christian Education: What is the Trivium?

K5 Grad

What is the Trivium?

New Covenant School affirms that God’s truth encompasses all truth. God has communicated His truth to us personally in the Lord Jesus Christ and specifically in the Bible. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). Therefore, we acknowledge that God is the starting point for all knowledge, and His glory is the ultimate goal of instruction.

Believing that God has given the parents the primary responsibility for educating their children, New Covenant School is designed to be a tool for parents. Our curriculum and instruction integrate all subjects with historical Christianity and the teaching of Scripture in uncontrived, natural ways. We want the students to adopt a truly Christ-centered worldview and to seek the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

We utilize the time-tested educational methodology of the trivium, applied for centuries throughout Western Civilization to teach the art of learning. The trivium consists of three parts that correspond with the natural stages of intellectual development and is consistent with the Bible’s progressive model of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom:

Part one: Grammar

Part one: Grammar, the fundamental rules and data of each subject (e.g. Multiplication tables, reading, spelling, historical dates, and vocabulary). This period of learning corresponds with the elementary years of a child’s development when observation and memory are most keen. All subjects can be broken down into a foundational set of basic facts and rules. These rules are referred to as the grammar of each subject. Students at New Covenant learn and use the tools that will serve them in the later stages of the trivium, when reason, analysis and expression are realized. Knowledge is absorbed collectively and forms the beginning of a more complete and full Christian understanding of our world.

Part two: Logic

Part two: Logic, the ordered relationship of particulars in each subject (e.g. the basics of reason, values, principles, and logic). Students will use the tools they have acquired to develop understanding and advance theories and arguments based on logical processes. Students will ask questions and develop their own answers systematically. This process is integral to the growth and exploration of a child’s imagination: the basis for learning in the final stage of the trivium.

Part three: Rhetoric

Part three: Rhetoric, the means by which grammar and logic are expressed clearly (e.g. speaking and writing in a winsome articulate fashion). The Rhetoric stage affords students with a level of freedom to explore self-expression, creativity and scholarly appreciation. Students learn to express themselves with excellence, applying digested and investigated materials in open presentation. The result is informed, engaging and articulate students who are representative of the excellent, Christian education provided them at New Covenant.

The mastery of this method of learning provides the most thorough foundation for growth and success in each subject of study, in defending the Christian faith and in living as a responsible, discerning citizen of the Kingdom of God for the glory of God. This method is designed to produce knowledge, values, and skills that equip students to serve effectively and live responsibly in a rapidly changing world.

Friday Announcements – 2/20/15


Happy Friday!

Please look for the following in your child’s Friday Folder or attached to Mrs. Lopez’s announcement email…
  • March Lunch Order Forms – Due Tuesday, Feb 24th (please note that the copy in your child’s folder says Feb 2015 at the top, but it is for March!)
  • 2015 AnMed Summer Youth Volunteer Program.
  • Continue to send in your Box Tops!
  • Pre-order yearbooks in the office – $35/book
  • The Marco’s lunch order from Wed, Feb 18th will be served next Friday, Feb 27th

A Cultural Lesson – The Thames Family


History and Geography are very much stories. There is so much more to the study of both other than dates and maps. Both are the story of humanity and the ways that we have shaped the world, both good and bad. In order to understand both, it helps to hear the stories of those who lived it.

On February 13th, the 7th and 8th grade Cultural Geography class had the privilege to hear firsthand the stories of the invasion of southern Korea by the northern Korean and to discover a taste of Korean culture from someone who lived it. Mrs. Chae Thames and her son, Mr. Joey Thames, came to share their stories with the class. Mrs. Thames, a native of South Korea, was a small child in 1950 when the invasion began. She shared the story of fleeing her home in Seoul with her parents and sister. Mr. Thames described it as if “all the population of Upstate South Carolina fleeing to Charleston.” They walked most of the way and their family was separated for a month at one time.  When they returned to Seoul 3 years later, they found people living in their home. They also shared stories of the Japanese occupation of Korea from 1910-1945. Mrs. Thames’ grandfather was a Korean freedom fighter. Both Mr. and Mrs. Thames went to Korea in 2010 when Mrs. Thames’ grandfather was honored for his work to free Korea from the Japanese.

The Thames also shared some of Korean culture with the students. They talked about a typical school day and the subjects studied. (Our students did not like the idea of staying at school until 4:00-5:00 each afternoon.) Up until a few years ago, Korean students went to school on Saturdays. We also learned that the world’s largest Protestant church is in Korea. The church has 1 million members, 7 services every Sunday. They also brought traditional Korean clothing and food. The students enjoyed rice with roasted seaweed, Korean pears, persimmons, some Korean snacks (crackers and something like a sweet peanut flavored puffy Cheeto), and the brave tried kimchi. 7th grade student, Ethan Saxton, said “the information was very historical and amazing.” One surprising thing they shared was that the Korean people do not think of themselves as two countries, North Korea and South Korea. They still view themselves as one country and hope for reunification.

We are so thankful to the Mrs. Thames and Mr. Thames for coming to speak with us and sharing the history and culture of Korea with us!

Throwback Thursday to…Valentine’s Day!

We had such a blast having Grandparents and Loved Ones join us at school last Friday, February 13. Our students were thrilled to share with their loved ones the things they have been learning this year and to show off their classrooms. We had lots of excitement so it was hard to get it all in the post last week. Enjoy a few more photos from our fun day!