Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace Concert Update

Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace Logo

Our Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace Concert is less than one week away! It is this Sunday at 7 pm!

Tickets can be purchased or reserved at the school office.  Please stop by or call 224 – 5675.

We sent 5 tickets home with each family to buy or sell. Many families have asked for another day or two. That is fine. Please return money from sold tickets or unsold tickets by 3:00 pm this Wednesday 10/8! This is very important so we can get a good estimate on how many tickets we have sold. Remember – this concert is a fundraiser for NCS. It has been completely underwritten, so every ticket sold benefits NCS!

Also, there is a seminar being offered at 5:00 pm by Matthew Smith for praise team members. The cost is $10 and it includes dinner. If you, your church or someone you know is interested in the seminar. let us know.

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