Volleyball Opportunity – Immediate Action Needed


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Girl’s Volleyball  2014

Attention!  This is a great opportunity of NCS and AHSA children!  However, we need to get an idea of numbers ASAP.  If you are an interested NCS family, please contact Mr. Canney (canney@ncchurch.net) by Wednesday July 9th to let him know!  Thanks!

Purpose: to provide NCS and AHSA middle and high school girls an opportunity to develop volleyball skills in a Christian environment.

When:  beginning the week of July 15th and running to the end of August.  ***Tentative parent meeting/signup July 17th at 5 pm at New Covenant.

Weekly Schedule:  three weeks of skill practice followed by three weeks of intramural games.  Practice or games are scheduled twice a week.  (tentatively Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 4:30-6pm)  We are looking for enough girls to field 4 teams which will play each other.

Requirements: all interested players need to have a clear physical within the past year, be entering 8th grade or above, and have an attitude appropriate for a Christian team.  We desire all of the girls work hard, encourage others, and play together in a manner which displays Christlikeness. The team will place a large focus on character development and discipline.

Cost: approx. $50 per girl for t-shirts, team supplies (ball, net, etc.).  Any spare funds will go to “end of season” party.  Each girl will need to provide navy sports/mesh shorts, sneakers, and knee pads.

Location: practice location is New Covenant Church.

Signup: Carol Brownell  Brownell.carol@gmail.com , coordinator – ********please send your daughter’s name, age, and t-shirt size. 


HELP: if you have volleyball or coaching experience, we would love your help with the team! 

Four Myths about Classical Education

K5 GradAs more and more parents adopt classical and Christian education, many others are left with questions. Unfamiliarity with the classical method seems to have given rise to some common myths. While you may find some truth in each myth, we believe your concerns about classical education will begin to fade as your knowledge increases. In fact, you may be surprised by the same enthusiasm that has motivated thousands of parents to return to an education that works.

Myth #1: Classical education was fine back then, but we need modern education in a modern world.

Fact: Classical education teaches students facts, provides them with logical tools to use those facts, and perfects the student’s ability to relate those facts to others. This fundamental skill-set is more valuable today than it has ever been. The process of teaching students to think extends far beyond filling their heads with knowledge. Modern education, to varying degrees, has succeeded in teaching facts and some skills. Classical education helps students draw original, creative, and accurate conclusions from facts and then formulate those conclusions into logical and persuasive arguments.

Modern subjects based in science and technology are taught in classical schools, through classical methods. Parents who are exposed to classical education recognize that its back to the basics approach contrasts with the distractions of modern education. Is the classical method applicable in a modern, technological age? The technology we have today was invented, in large part, by the classically educated. Man inhabited the earth for thousands of years without developing technology until the last two centuries. It is no coincidence that the groundwork for these achievements was laid within the last 400 years when classical education was at its height. Classical education teaches children the timeless skills of thinking, reasoning, logic, and expression. Our subject matter is as up-to-date as that found in other schools. We simply add a depth and dimension through this time-tested method.

Myth #2: My child is not intelligent enough to attend a classical school.

Fact: Students at New Covenant School vary in intelligence from exceptionally intelligent to below average. Many parents assume that a classical education is only accessible to gifted children. In fact, all children benefit greatly from the classical method. If you were educated in Western society prior to 1850, you were classically educated.

Often, myths start from a spark of reality. Many parents observe the classroom and curriculum of New Covenant School and assume the children are abnormally bright. In reality, classical education challenges children and is uniquely able to leverage their natural abilities during different stages of childhood. In short, we help ordinary children and deliver extraordinary results by employing proven methods tested for centuries.

Because the school is not equipped or funded to adequately deal with special needs children, we can not accept students with severe learning disabilities.

Myth #3: Classical education is too extreme.

Fact: Classical education teaches children with the grain – complementing their developmental phase with the appropriate teaching method. The classical method is different from today’s conventional education. Parents are rightfully skeptical of anything that differs so boldly from the norm. However, classical education was the norm 100 years ago because it worked.

Conventional education has taken an experimental approach to educating our children over the past four decades. Many different methods have been tried and later scrapped when they fail. This constant state of change in education creates an environment where anything traditional seems extreme. Unfortunately, this is where modern educational thought is upside down. Classical education provides a basic structure upon which we can build effective, successful students. We are not advocating an experiment. Rather, we are seeking a return to a system proven for over 1,000 years.

Myth #4: Classical education is unnecessarily difficult or harsh.

Fact: Children enjoy learning. They are wired for it. Assuming that a child will not be able to succeed in a challenging environment is tempting, but simply untrue.

A common assumption is that a demanding curriculum results in unhappy children. As adults, learning new things can be uncomfortable. However, most children are fascinated by what they learn at New Covenant School. The excitement of children learning Latin grows as they become able to describe the world in a language that most adults do not understand. The rich and complex texture of classical literature is strangely amplified by youth. Science and the history of Western Civilization come alive for those who hunger to know about their world. For the unconvinced, a visit to New Covenant School is sure to demonstrate that our students love to learn.

Classical schools maintain order in the classroom. This does not translate to stoic classes where interaction is limited to an occasional downcast “yes, sir.” In fact, New Covenant School encourages extensive interaction between students and teachers. Students are not allowed to be disruptive, but they are constantly encouraged to offer observations, ask questions, interact, and make comments. The classical method encourages and succeeds at creating a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for students.

Adapted and reprinted from http://theambroseschool.org/