Alumni Update – Aaron Fortune, Class of 2009


New Covenant School recently had the privilege of catching up with one of our graduates, Aaron Fortune.  Aaron finished his studies at New Covenant School in 2009 and then moved on to Covenant College, where he graduated from in 2013 with degrees in Philosophy and Theology. 

In Aaron’s own words, here is what he has been up to since leaving NCS…

“When I try to give answer to where I think my life is going right now, it is easy for me to be filled will all of the anxiety that comes with my young age. Being out on my own now forces me to take ownership of parts of myself that before I could rely on my community to affirm for me. This is invigorating, but it is often very difficult. The best thing that I have found to help me with this has been looking back to where I have been. I have gained an extreme appreciation of my parents and visits to the home I grew up in reconnect me to the memories of who I once was. The act of remembrance makes me realize that my identity does not just exist in my present, but is also a stable part of my past. 

Looking back on my time at New Covenant School is similar in a way. It was a place where much of who I am was constructed. It was where I first gained a strong love of philosophy and theology. It was also a place I felt challenged by my instructors. I felt challenged, of course, by the classes I took that required me to interact with classic texts and profound ideas. But the most important challenge I encountered was to be a certain kind of person. This kind of person not only learns but loves to learn. This was built into me by my respect for my teachers. They taught me to love knowledge and culture by their own example. This would not have amounted to much really if they also had not encouraged me to see how my love of knowledge can be tied to my love of God. This relationship with God is always playing in the background for me. It makes light of my worries about my identity by relativizing them to the greater truth that my identity is in Christ.

Since leaving New Covenant I attended Covenant College where I majored in both Philosophy and English. Covenant was a great place for me. I made friends and learned more about what it means to be a person than I would have imagined before going. I would highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a college. I hate to not say more about the times I had there and the classes that gave me greater perspective on my life and faith, but it would be impossible to write all of that here.

After graduating from Covenant this past May, I spent some time at the L’abri fellowship started by Francis Schaeffer. During my time there I learned that I was making an idol of many of my future plans, and God gave me the grace to see myself apart from some of my ambitions. I will be returning to L’abri this summer.

Right now I am looking straight into a lot of possibilities. I plan to go to graduate school in the coming years. There I will either study theology or philosophy with the hopes of one day becoming a professor. Currently, though, I am pursuing a career in journalism/freelance writing. However, I am not yet quite sure what that will look like.”