Inside the Pages (A poem by Rebecca Roth, NCS 10th grade student)


Our Rhetoric class recently wrote poems based on books they had read.  One student, Rebecca Roth, wrote three stanzas based on three different books.  Can you name each of the three??


Inside the Pages


The greatest adventure a Hobbit ever took,

With twelve stubborn dwarves and a wizard old,

Soaring on the eagles at the orcs they all look,

Defeated the dragon in a mountain of gold.


The greatest mystery a detective ever saw,

A prime suspect is a group of Fenchurch bells,

Two men thought they were above the village law,

A sailor’s parrot the final clue he tells.


The greatest choice a young girl ever makes,

Saving her people from a mind control game,

Sacrificing herself is what it now takes,

Bravery and selflessness turn out to be the same.


Each story takes me to a different, exciting place,

Every time I open a book I put on a new face.